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A Patient’s Guide to Denture Relining: What You Need to Know

September 8, 2023

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A dentist talking about denture relining with a patient

When you want to continue a life of smiles and good conversation after tooth loss, dentures often play a silent but critical role. However, over time, even the most reliable dentures may start to feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Denture relining can make your dentures feel new and comfortable again.

Continue reading to learn more about denture relining and how the process can restore your quality of life.

What Is Denture Relining?

Denture relining is a procedure that involves reshaping the base of your dentures to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. There are two types of denture relining.

  • Soft relining generally happens after oral surgery or as a result of some other sensitivity in the mouth. This process involves replacing the lining of the denture with a softer material that feels better in the mouth. This comes with the added benefit of protecting the gums if they’ve recently been through a procedure.
  • Hard relining occurs every two years or so and involves restructuring the denture to fit into your mouth due to factors of aging. To do this, your dentist uses an impression putty to find changes in your mouth, and a new acrylic is made from the impression for a better fit.

Why Do My Dentures Need Relining?

After tooth loss, various factors can lead to changes in the shape and size of your jawbones and gum tissues. These changes are entirely natural and see your jawline start to shrink or resorb as your jawbone begins to lose density.

Once this happens, your dentures may start to feel loose, causing discomfort and affecting your ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. Denture relining addresses this issue by adapting your dentures to the changing contours of your mouth, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

What Happens If I Don’t Have My Dentures Relined?

Neglecting the need for denture relining can lead to a host of inconveniences and potential health issues. Ill-fitting dentures can cause sore spots, mouth ulcers, and chronic gum irritation. This can also lead to digestive issues if they hinder your ability to chew food properly.

Besides physical problems, an ill-fitting denture can cause embarrassment from slippage or discomfort resulting in a loss of self-esteem.

It also becomes more difficult to have conversations when your denture prohibits your speech. These issues combined lead to an overall reduction in your quality of life.

Denture relining isn’t just about making your dentures fit again. It’s about reclaiming the ability to live with dignity and continue to make memories that last the rest of your life through interacting with people you care about. If you’ve been experiencing the discomfort and frustration of dentures that no longer fit, visit your dentist and ask about the relining process.

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