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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Greenfield, MA

Allowing More Patients to Get Dental Implants

When you lose teeth and don’t replace them right away, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate. That’s because it isn’t receiving the same type of stimulation that it once was from all of your teeth. So, patients who want dental implants may not be able to get them because they don’t have enough bone for support. Thankfully, we can perform procedures like bone grafting, allowing for the placement of dental implants, giving you beautiful and lasting results. Keep reading to learn more about bone grafting as well as sinus lift—another procedure that can help you get lifelong dental implants!

Bone Grafting

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For patients without enough jawbone to receive implants, bone can be grafted onto the jaw. This adds tissue to the area with deficit, creating enough volume for the placement of implants. This extra bone can come from other parts of your body, a bone bank, or even synthetic materials. First, we will place a thin collagen membrane to prevent the bone graft from shrinking from growing gum tissue. In some cases, bone grafting can be performed on the same day of dental implants, but that will all depend on your smile.

For more substantial bone loss, we can place a block of bone that is supported with screws. This block can come from your chin or even behind the back of your teeth. For this procedure, we recommend that patients wait a few months to heal for the successful growth of their new bone. After, we can place dental implants to achieve desired results.

Sinus Lifts 

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When patients need replacements in the back parts of their smile, it’s common for their sinuses to collapse into the space where their teeth once were. This eliminates any room they once had for dental implants, leaving just a thin wall of bone left. Thankfully, we can provide a sinus lift, which gently creates space for the placement of new bone. After a few months of healing, patients can successfully receive a bone graft. Then, they can enjoy the beauty and stability of dental implants.

Do you have any questions about these procedures, or are you interested in dental implants? Contact our office to take your first step toward a complete smile today.